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What is included?

Materials to support you before during and after the program

Live Q&A consulting sessions to answer all your questions

Group discussions, networking opportunities & leadership forum

Our program is designed to be an unforgettable and transformative experience. With guided pre-session materials, live Q&A and tailored strategy, you’ll leave this program aligned and ready for being the genius visionary leader your people need. 


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About your host

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Irina Childs is the the CEO of the Integral Studies Academy,

which she founded in 2010 when she was still working full time as Senior Leader in Technology Consulting.

Apart from 20 years in consulting, Irina is an international bestselling author, successful entrepreneur,  poet and spiritual teacher. For two decades she helped people thrive, transform and being happy achieving all that they are born to achieve and being all they are born to be. Her vision for a better society, passion for education and authentic spiritual knowledge is the reason behind this revolutionary Liberated Leadership Program.