Are you not feeling as confident as you know you could be?

Is your lack of confidence impacting your life?

Are you not feeling your self and spending more and more time isolated and quiet?

Are you ready to start?

If so, this course can help you kick start that change for the better, giving you those simple tools to boost your confidence.

Here at the Integral Studies Academy, we ensure we bring you the teachers that are the best in their field to help you transform and live your life happier, enjoying the success you were born to have. 


Creative confidence is an online interactive course complete with optional workbooks taking you through the key steps to confidence.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Learn the skills, strategies and tools to lead a confident life
  • Know how to build confidence and maintain healthy self-esteem
  • Increase emotional self-awareness
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Express and share feelings in a healthy way
  • Discover passions and enhance talents in a fun and creative way
  • Find out what success means to you and achieve personal and professional goals
  • So that you will feel empowered, encouraged and confident in creating success in your life.

What do I get? 

You will get instant access upon payment to the whole course which you can enjoy at your own pace and leisure, wherever you are, in the comfort of your own home. 

Discounted access to other courses offered by Integral Studies Academy. 

How does this work?

You buy it now and receive instant online access. 

The modules are different lengths with bitesize videos for you to easily revisit. The workbooks help you to record your learnings and your progress if you wish to do so.

All you need is to start it and then give yourself the space and time to implement and enjoy the effects. 

Each step is created to enable you to spend quality time with yourself, answer powerful questions, complete various exercises and learn new tools and techniques to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Throughout each step, I encourage you to reflect on your learnings and use the workbooks provided.

Each step takes you on a journey of self-discovery, gaining awareness in your own time and at your own pace. These sessions ultimately help you build a healthy relationship with yourself which will, in turn, improve the relationships you have with others in your life.

Each step has its own theme, whether that’s identifying values or encouraging self- belief through self-discovery - all leading to an improved level of self-confidence and self- awareness in themselves. You can read more below.



The first step is identifying your core values that drive your life


This second step is all about discovering your happiness levels


The third step is to connect with your key strengths and use them more


The fourth step is about deeper access and self awareness 

Meet your trainer

My own life story has inspired me to help others.
In order to do this, I realised that my role as a teacher had to evolve.
Today, I coach teenagers and adults to find their place in society and become healthy, balanced and confident. My coaching applies an authentic, creative, multi-dimensional approach that is fun and dynamic. I not only support teenagers, but also siblings, parents, friends, teachers and other professionals. For over a decade, I’ve had an international career in education, working to improve the lives of teenagers and adults. 
My professional background: · Certified Professional Co-Active Coach CPCC® · Associate Certified Coach by International Coach Federation PCC® · DELTA® teaching certification · 15+ years international teaching experience It all starts with change within - believing that you can take that big leap of faith to become a confident human being.


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A STARTER course to improve confidence levels through creativity