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It has never been easier to kick start your next big adventure. The future belongs to those who know how to capitalise today on the learning platforms and the opportunities offered by online networking. Browse our courses or get in touch and we are happy to help you bring your dreams and aspirations into reality.

Vibrant Professional Community To Support You

Our hundreds of students come from many professions: entrepreneurs, doctors, leaders, artists, writers, therapists, psychologists, university professors, managers, yoga teachers, actors, coaches, experts, musicians, engineers. When you become a student of Integral Studies Academy you join a vibrant community of people like you, who have chosen to learn in their own time and amongst the commitments they already have.

Results Driven Knowledge

The integral education is revolutionary in knowledge content and approach and what we offer here is results driven. Our courses, masterclasses and programs introduce new ways of accessing and working with knowledge. These concepts and methods applied with perseverance and tenacity lead to visible beneficial results. No time wasting, straight results.

Revolutionary Education Methods

Our methods are structured to uncover predominantly the godliness nature of people – and which exists mentioned in many historical traditions – so our students are helped to realise their full beneficial potential, especially through the immense help that comes from God, when people ask for it. 

Beneficially Transform Your Life Beyond Your Wildest Imagination

It takes an average of three years to complete a classical University Degree, but long-lasting beneficial transformation can happen much faster in the right environment and with the appropriate support, tools and guidance.


World Class Creativity That Opens Up Gates to Geniality

You will get the chance to learn and apply secret esoteric techniques and latest discoveries in the science of human potential. This coupled with your perseverance can power up your creativity, geniality, wisdom and zest for life.

Time Relevant Knowledge

At Integral Studies Academy we present subjects that are most relevant to each topic and with the most up to date, fully curated, tested and tried integral knowledge. This means that we only teach concepts that we have already implemented ourselves in our own lives with great success. Our care ensures that what you receive is also relevant to you at your stage in life and circumstances.


Internationally Diverse Community

Don't limit yourself. Why network with just few people from one area of expertise? Connect to the multicultural universe of Integral Studies Academy and discover the wonders of our internationally diverse community. Our hundreds of students meet online from all over the world. You can be one of them too.


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Our Lecturers Rank Amongst the Happiest People on the Planet

Our lecturers, staff and students are engaged in practical transformational programs including meditation and integral yoga. These programs lead to awakening of godly attributes in people and increasing our natural state of happiness as the fundamental base of a creative and fulfilled life.


Here is One of the Best Locations in the World

At Integral Studies Academy we understand that the best location for starting the journey of your greatest aspirations is always here, where you are just now. Take advantage of being here and connect with us. You don't need to travel in order to learn and transform, we can meet right where you are: here!

University Professor

“The expert way in which the knowledge is presented, the rigour of each answer we have received, the openness to explain each detailed element from the questions we have asked are truly wonderful”

Finance Recruitment Specialist

“My husband and I joined the classes and although we have both practiced yoga before we found that we gained new understandings because of Irina's knowledge, guidance and breadth of experience.”


I am grateful because after the first module I already feel  more optimistic that what I want to do is achievable and possible. I feel privileged to learn with you... Thank you for everything I have received 

Psychologist - PhD Student

"I really appreciate these lessons and I have realised that choosing to attend this Integral Education Mentorship year was one of the best choices I have made in my life"

Project Manager

"Listening to my colleagues' recordings, from the Integral Education Program, I have now started to believe that I can also succeed, that I can be that person too!"  

Lecturer & Psychiatrist

"Participating in the course offered by Integral Studies Academy I had beautiful experiences, the opportunity to transform steadily, to enrich myself, to take a spiritually integrated course that offers me great prospects. I see this course as a great and wonderful opportunity for many colleagues and friends who have not yet found a fulfilling, successful, satisfying professional environment in which to combine harmoniously essential spiritual principles with their profession." 

Managing Director

"The way the activities are integrated and supported in the Integral Education Program is very beautiful, I learn in the community - from the way each one of us receives the necessary direction - and at the same time I learn what is useful to me and I feel that I am committed to making the most of what is offered to us in this year" 

Teacher and Social Worker

"I am much happier, more at peace with my own life and I have already reached my first goal in 2021, only few weeks after I wrote it!"  

Artist - Tango Teacher

"In this program I was amazed to discover that everyone who is willing to let themselves be inspired can succeed. I observed with a great joy the ease with which the obstacles I invoked before the beginning of the course fell apart after only few days "