Leadership Development and Performance Coaching

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We all have things we want to change in our lives, as leaders, in our careers, relationships and our overall wellbeing.

Do you feel at times like you are spinning too many plates?  

Or that last meeting has taken the life out of you?

Or that you could do with a boost of creativity?

Or a different perspective?

The problem? We often don't know where to start, cannot see a way through the blockage or cannot create enough focused time to tackle the challenges in a meaningful way, so we maintain the status quo and keep putting out the fires and stay in survival mode. But it doesn't have to be that way...
Can you imagine for a few moments how happy and focused your life would be if you had clarity on what your potential is, what you are meant to prioritise and have the given time and support to achieve that?

Support in selecting what you need, simplify and focus on what you enjoy and make you smile & thrive?

How would you like to live purposefully, consciously, to have plenty of time, hit your goals and become the extraordinary leader that you were born to be?


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Did you know that we can learn and understand much faster from the people who embody the knowledge they present and from people we admire?

People who have walked the walk of their own expertise, are accomplished and draw substance and advice from years of graft and personal experience?

What can you expect during the three months?


We will start by asking you to fill in a comprehensive questionnaire so we can easily be on the same page when we meet up.

The first meeting will be a 90 minutes session to ensure we have time to plan together the strategy and map out what is it that you want to get done over the next three months.

Then we will meet up regularly, twice a month for an hour at a time, to help you move forward in a supported manner with your vision, plans and aspirations.

During our work together I will also introduce you to my network and/or suggest opportunities that can benefit you or your line of business.

Sometimes if a more targeted approach is needed, we will suggest having a session with a specialist that shares our values, and who we have vetted to work on this programme. These sessions are included in the fees paid and are not incurring any additional costs.

You can also benefit from weekly acces to wellbeing live online programmes including yoga and meditation, if you wish to do so. These are also complimentary and available to you to enjoy.

During our time together you are offered accountability support that encourages you to take a step by step progress approach.

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Enjoy refreshing support, motivation, knowledge and inspiration to get you where you want to be whilst removing any gremlins that boicot your succes
Receive a free LinkedIn audit and a complete makeover to raise your professional profile and boost your business networking effortlessly 
Explore yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques that boost wellbeing & add clarity and focus when implementing the coaching advice

Who will you be working with?


Our Academy Founder is directly involved in offering Leadership and Performance coaching as part of her vision for a society of leaders, that not only enjoy personal and business success, but they are pioneers of wisdom, intelligence and building a more beneficial and inclusive society.

Irina Childs has been featured as one of the women leaders in the prestigious publication "300 Years of Leadership and Innovation" presenting her innovation and leadership experience of several decades.


"I have held leadership roles as Programme Manager, Director, Founder and Partner over the past 20 years. Some of these roles have been in global corporate organisations as EMC2, CSC and PwC, working at VP, Directors and Partner levels. Some leadership roles have been in start-ups, as I am an entrepreneur at heart. 

I hold 3 university degrees, an MBA and have trained as career coach whist being a Senior Leader in Technology Consulting at PwC. I enjoyed making millions for myself and the companies I worked for. I have also hit burnouts and recovered very well, continuously learning and transforming my life for better.

When working with me I can relate directly - through my own decades of experience - to what is required today from a successful leader and what your challenges are. I am also passionate about the happiness index. I am a very pragmatic and direct person and I enjoy having plenty of spare time; so if you feel that your time is of essence, your quality of life matters and you have decided to be both happy and very successful at the same time, then I can help."


In addition to the sessions with our founder, and depending on your leadership development plans you could also be working with other carefully selected specialists, professionals or consultants that are specific to your niche or who cover specific personal or professional support that you may require. Examples include: CBT specialists, family coaches, psychologists and more. We are committed to highest standards of customer care and we treat your success as our success.

When you work with us, you can be sure that you have a team of people behind you that will treat your plans, projects and aspirations with care, confidentiality and the amazing high energy they deserve!

We look forward to cheering you on every step of the way and cellebrating you succeed beyond your wildest dreams!

Integral Payment


Three months coaching programme

  • 90 day strategy plan
  • Regular accountability and invaluable 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Enjoy the same benefits when paying in full as when paying monthy

Monthly Payment


Three months coaching programme

  • 90 day strategy plan
  • Regular accountability and invaluable 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Enjoy the same benefits when paying monthly as when you pay in full



  • "Working with Irina meant that I can focus on what mattered for me most, trusting her advice and understanding of my best interests which were discussed and considered at lenght. Irina has helped me immensely, her advice is spot on, it has a lot of consideration and her communication style is very refreshing, energising and professional." Managing Director, Investment Funds


  • "I have a new perspective upon my own life and priorities, have made more time for myself and I can say I enjoy my life again. When I started my 1:1 coaching sessions, I was overwhelmed, on the brink of burn-out and didn't even realise that I was putting myself last so much. I was simply the bottom of my priority lists every day" G.P.


  • "I feel inspired, motivated and more faithful. I feel the wish to go forward and work on myself in order to fulfil my life purpose more and more." Professional Coach & Naturopath 


  •  "Irina is very good at creating an atmosphere in which the mind can move freely.  We can talk about lofty concepts, if we want, but the focus is always directly on our life and what we should do with it." Managing Director


  • "Irina is more than I have ever imagined possible in a human being. Her breath of experience, range of knowledge and willingness to listen, guide and support is just out of this world. I feel uplifted and like I receive an energy boost, every time we meet, sometimes even after just few minutes into our coaching sessions."  IT Specialist