The Integral Studies Academy (ISA) was established in London on 26 November 2010 through the Certificate of Incorporation for England and Wales and receiving the official seal of registration by the Companies House.


Registrations and Affiliations


The Integral Studies Academy is registered with the official UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP). This is the official portal for government departments, agencies, learners, and employers that share key information about learning providers.

ISA is also registered with EURAXESS – a unique pan-European initiative supporting professional Research Organisations and Universities working outside of Europe to connect or stay connected with Europe. Currently over 120,859 researchers are connected and collaborate within EURAXESS




2021 -  300 Years of Leadership and Innovation - Royal Edition

Integral Studies Academy and its founder, Mrs Childs have been featured in this limited edition comemorative book commissioned by the History of Parliament Trust. The feature dedicated to ISA talks about the visionary concepts of its founder Mrs Childs, as well as historical details on the innovative education we have at ISA. It covers some of the successes we enjoyed over the past decade and introduces the Integral Leadership programs that will be launched this year.

As we have gathered together at the launch of this amazing new publication entitled 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation at the Cloisters of Westminster Abbey on Wednesday, 22 September 2021, we celebrated success in the very heart of British history and leadership.

From time to time we took a breather from this work of envisioning and building the future, strategising and implementing it and we shared results, but nowhere was a greater occasion to celebrate and rejoice as the one we all had this week.

If you are interested to know more about the Leadership Program that will launch soon access this link.

Further details of the event in this article



2021 - The Integral Education Mentorship has a new generation of students join the Program

At start of March a new cohort of students have joined ISA as the second group undertaking mentorship in the revolutionary field of Integral Education.

2020  -  ISA opened the doors to the first year of The Integral Education Mentorship Program

The launch of this year long Mentorship Program has marked the 10-year anniversary of the Integral Studies Academy. This has been the second offering of ISA programmes to the individual students and enjoys a tremendous success. This is part of the Integral Pedagogy University and it is a programme opened to professionals and experts in their fields who are looking to become integral educators. The opportunity to collaborate with ISA is offered to the most representative students.


2019 - ISA consolidated the international operations

During 2019 ISA has continued collaboratons with internationally renowned teachers and specialists. These collaborations have been based on the strategy adopted to increase the visibility of the Academy. Prestigious specialists in different directions of research, education and management started to collaborate with the Academy. Internally the Academy has strengthened its structure by carrying out activities that outline the new vision and paradigm of education.


2018 - ISA welcomed its first intake of hundreds of international students

The launch of  online studies commenced at the start of January 2018. The ISA Fundamentals modules that were offered to more than 300 students formed part of the standard curriculum of our Academy. 

ISA has collaborated with research in an MBA Exchange Programe 

ISA was involved in mentoring and supporting UK based MBA students to conduct their business research for their MBA final paper and dissertation in a partnership with Universities offering the MBA programme abroad.


2017 Integral Studies Academy Launched The Fundamentals of Integral Education

In 2017 were delighted to have launched the first series of Integral Courses available via educational partnerships only. Some of these courses were offered as part of the Integral Studies Academy - Fundamentals. 2017 ISA partnership and visit to P.E.M.S. It was with great pleasure that we have met one of our partners in Global Education, during the first week of August 2017, as part of our strategy to deepen the United Kingdom and India education partnerships. 


2017 ISA takes part in a research partnership in the ALASKA EXPEDITION Project

The proposed study has been part of the Strategic Plan for research of the Ecological University of Bucharest and the National Commission for Antarctic Research (NCAR) of the Romanian Academy.
The purpose was: Investigating the subarctic environment of Alaska, as a comparison with the Arctic and Antarctic environment, applicable in the medical domain, vegetal and animal biology and  crystallography in diverse environments.

ISA was an international partner in the first objective: Alaska – medical research environment, natural laboratory for testing natural supplements, in collaboration with S.C. HOFIGAL and the Integrative Medicine Center Quantum Therapy / part of the thematic Area 4, section 1 of the Strategic Plan of NCAR; ISA researchers have studied, tested and recorded the ability to concentrate and maintain continuous attention, in the harsh environment of Alaska.


2016 ISA played an important role at the "Ecology of the XXI'st century" Integral Studies Academy has been invited to take part at the International Conference - "Ecology of XXI Century”. Where it has participated with 3 research papers: The Beauty of Thought, The Missing link between Psychology and Medicine – New German Medicine the Integral Psychology - the natural sense of Psychology. Following the presentations made at the conference, a study was conducted on the resistance of the human psychic in extreme environments. Based on these studies, the preparation of an expedition to Alaska began, a project supported by EUB in partnership with Integral Studies Academy and several other Universities.


2015  Monad, the Academic Magazine was launched

The magazine for the Integral Studies Academy has been under work during 2015 with many researches concluding their studies. The magazine has officially launched in 2016. After 5 years of research, the magazine has presented series of articles for the first time introducing some of the findings of the Academy team. 


2014 Integral Studies Academy strengthens partnerships abroad

Integral Studies Academy shares its research with UEB where it has presented 2 research papers at the International Congress held by UEB: Cognitive mind and forms of intelligence in the Integral Education and Divine Proportion - a Concept of Beauty and Eternity.


2013 ISA inaugurated the Academy Research Department

One of the notable developments by the Academy during 2013 has been the formation of its Research Department and starting of the subsequent International Partnerships 
The first research directions were:

  1. Implementation of eco-technologies in everyday life
  2. The study of the impact of a creative attitude on the human being
  3. Alternative learning methods


2012 Establishing further Academic Connections 

Integral Studies Academy Professors have been invited to hold presentations in collaboration with the UEB. At the core of Integral Studies Academy lies the aspiration of transforming the intelligent process of educational and the way it is offered to people. The worldwide dissemination and sharing of the advancements into the spiritual knowledge and practical achievements that already exist has been strengthened by partnering with national and global education institutions that share the same ethos, creativity and zest for transformation and knowledge. 


2011 Defining the Basic Principles of the Integral Studies Academy

The original group that initiated ISA worked during 2011 to present and share with other researchers some of the results of the study initiated by the Integral Studies Academy on Principles of education in human history. According to several observations and criteria, a series of revolutionary principles have been agreed as the basis for the Integral Education.


2010 Formation of an International research group into ancient and traditional forms of education 

The Academy founders together with an international team of prestigious Professors and Researchers have dedicated the first few years to fundamental research into the very field of human education and human consciousness. We have spent this time investigating antic schools and methods, effectiveness of organizations, intelligence and modern human behaviour; we have examined the assumptions of modern educational systems – looking at academic, spiritual, social and educational approaches. โ€‹Whilst researching we have embarked on an exciting experiment of continuous transformation delving into the emerging fields that define some of the most refined differences such self-knowledge versus self-development and consciousness education.