The Integral Studies Academy has been set up in 2010 to provide consciousness education courses, programmes, tools and methods so individuals and communities learn and develop new skills and capabilities and a new approach to learning and living life in a beneficial way.

We operate for the benefit of individuals, leaders, educators, communities and society to revolutionise the education processes and for people to become visionary in their own fields. Our methods are structured to awaken the godly attributes in people – something common to many historical traditions – so people fulfil their full beneficial potential, developing predominately their innate qualities, including but not exclusively by use of meditation and traditional forms of yoga. These methods  provide a path to wisdom, happiness, enlightened consciousness, direct access to knowledge, creativity and a revolutionary new approach to learning.



ISA aims to transform the educational paradigm – and  the intelligence of the education process - introducing new methods regarding how knowledge is offered and acquired -  the world wide dissemination and sharing of the advancements into the spiritual science and practical applications to relevant subjects as leadership, management, education, health, art, architecture, literature, music.



It became clear during our initial research that the contemporary education has not progressed at same pace with other developments of the 21st Century. Despite the existence of over 7500 forms of holistic education for primary schools this is yet to be replicated at the college and University levels. In the opinion of Integral Studies Academy the modern education is in need of a new paradigm of fundamental transformation at all levels of the humanity. This new paradigm should deal with 3 main areas:

  • The reinstating of the fundamental values of human nature with the scope of fulfilling of its Divine meaning and potential 

  • The world wide dissemination and sharing of the advancements into the profound spiritual knowledge and practical achievements that already exist and which can equip everyone to achieve the first 

  • The education for the new generation of children and new born babies that show higher holistic intelligence rate which leaves parents, teachers and society unprepared to unprecedented levels

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