Programmes, Courses and Professional Support

Leadership Coaching

This is for you if you want to leverage  your position, create a successful life, boost your performance and visibility without burnout. It will benefit you if you are employed in corporate & looking to enhance your prospects or if you are looking to pivot your career, to shift your focus and priorities in life. 

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Teacher Education

Programs suitable for teachers and experts who are passionate about education, who are looking to start a career in online education, or enhance their creativity, be of service to a community. Integral education puts the holistic transformation of the teachers at the core of knowledge. 

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Wellbeing Lifestyle

Courses to transform your life for better, make you happier, more relaxed, healthy, peaceful and more aligned with your own vision, wisdom and purpose in life. All round wellbeing memberships for modern profesional. You cant trial it for a week, join for a month or for the year. 

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Business Consulting

We offer business consulting, strategy & support that aims at increasing your output and visibility. Consulting sessions are for you if you are an entrepreneur, Partner, Director or if you are looking to bring in more clients or improve your processes & delivery. Your business success is our focus. 

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Art and Architecture

This is a course to develop your artistic talents, explore new forms of creativity, understand perspectives in art and become accustomed with the principles used in interior design & architecture. Contact us for details.

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Poetry Transformation

This is a course designated for leaders who are open to develop their geniality by using art and latest neuroscience. The course is run by published poets who are also teachers and consultants. Contact us for more details.

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