"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." The Bhagavad Gita


This wellbeing course that also runs as a membership when you selected several months or the year,  will transform your life for better, make you more relaxed, healthy, peaceful and more aligned with your own vision, wisdom and purpose in life. It can actually help you remove the daily overwhelm and approach the day more calmly and happy.

An all round wellbeing membership for modern day profesional; it does not require you to be of any faith or religion. You can join for a week, trial out for a month or join us for the year. It is suitable for everyone, even if you have not practiced yoga or haven't done any meditation ever in your life.

The Benefits

- the increased oxygenation throughout the body gives you healthier bones and joints. It also improves the quality of your sleep. 

- the relaxation techniques help reduce anxiety and stress, removing the build up stress and boosting your creativity and confidence.

-  the physical postures, called asanas, give you a profound balance at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

- the meditations and awareness that we practice together will expand your consciousness offering you a better perspective and a more peaceful perspective in life.


We offer you 2 sessions weekly (4 hours) of yoga and meditation online with live teachings


Our classes have new topics and postures every week and they run for an entire year to support you every single week, with the subscription being charged at discounted rates when you buy for several months or for the year.

With this membership you also have the chance to join international yoga camps held online or offline which can be run by our Academy or by affiliate yoga schools all over the world, thus becoming part of a community of tens of thousands of people. These yoga events can be either based on holiday resorts or run as online events.


You are supported to learn and practice relaxation, yoga and become part of a community of yogis as you practice, relax, recharge and learn about your own being every week. Share with others thoughts and experiences.


Our classes awaken your zest for life and boosts your creativity. You can simply put this to the good use and be happy all day long or further your studies either as a teacher or as a yoga therapy practitioner


We meditate together & what you learn in our classes will enrich your intelligence, regenerative resources, boost your brain power and gain a beneficial life-long skill that can be used anytime and anywhere


Learn to relax - then enjoy, rinse and repeat weekly.  Once you have mastered the art of relaxation, you can be chilled out like you are on holiday - yet amazingly creative and productive every day!

Choose from  the options below the one that suits you best!

Weekly classes - New posture/ yoga technique are thought each week. The course contains both theoretical and practical classes – 2 hours/ session (winter, spring and summer holidays observed). There are two sessions run each week and you can join both sessions. Yes! Receiving an additional session free each week.  One 2 one guidance and support si offered as part of our weekly classes. Become part of a community of happy, content and supportive people This is a well being membership that does not require you to be of any faith or religion

You will be taken to the payment area and all details will be emailed once you register.

We have taken in consideration all preferences, so you can join us for the year, quarterly, monthly or weekly. 

Currently the classes are held Saturdays from 15-17 GMT. Additionally we offer classes on Tuesday evenings 18-20 GMT. You only pay once, and you can attend twice. If the demand is there, we can also offer morning mid week classes. You will be informed once you register of all other benefits and opportunities.


Module payment, this includes £45 discount


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Enjoy Yoga and relaxation with Weekly pay       


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Monthly Membership with £10 discount


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Yearly membership includes £110 discount


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