Introduction to Yoga and Beneficial Practical Parapsychology Course

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and holistic wellness by joining our 'Introduction to Yoga and Beneficial Practical Parapsychology Course.' This transformative course merges the ancient wisdom of yoga with practical techniques to unlock your hidden potentials. Experience weekly live sessions, expert guidance, and a supportive community

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Yoga. Relaxation. Meditation

The classes have new topics and postures every week and they run for an entire year to support you every single week, with the subscription being charged at discounted rates when you buy for several months or for the year. With this membership you also have the chance to join international yoga camps held online or offline which can be run by our Academy or by affiliate yoga schools all over the world, thus becoming part of a community of tens of thousands of people. These yoga events can be either based on holiday resorts or run as online events.

Complete transformation and wellbeing

Practical Parapsychology  

Both science and spirituality state that we usually use only 3-5% of our innate forces. This course will teach you practical methods to tap into much more of your potential. What we usually call “paranormal powers” are, in fact, abilities that we do not know yet how to use.

Practical Parapsychology

Exhausted 2 Energised

In this 5 steps Fitness Pilates and Wellbeing Programme you learn how to remove stress, sleep better, improve your gut health, befriend your hormones and get fit all at the same time. And all of these in your own time, at your own pace, you have access for life.

Fitness Pilates and Wellbeing

Creative Confidence - Starter

In this course you learn the skills, strategies and tools to lead a confident life. Know how to build confidence and maintain healthy self-esteem. Increase emotional self-awareness. Learn how to set healthy boundaries. Express and share feelings in a healthy way. Discover passions and enhance talents in a fun and creative way. Find out what success means to you and achieve personal and professional goals.

Your Family Creativity and Wellbeing

Pocket life coach

In this 8 week program you will get simple, straight forward relaxation techniques, short meditation audios, breathing exercises to calm the mind and which can be done in 5 minutes. You will also learn medical facts about mental health and how to clear your mind and you are supported to find your triggers for stress and  tools to help you manage and remove the stress response.

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